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Related article: Date : Saturday, 1st January 14 2005 59th 29 -0500 From: make7upyours opto line. net Subject: Kangaroo Nick and Paul This story is based on my life is based. These events have happened. The names of the people involved have changed. If you are too young to read this story please let. I swear, this actually happened, although it seems to work child wanted to seduce me ! If you liked the story by e- mail me make7upyours opto -line. net ---------------------------------------- ------------------- When I was about 13 after I take care of my neighbors down the street. They had two sons, Paul and Nick. Paul was only 5, but he was so sweet. He had a long (but not too long) dirty blonde hair is a little higher than the shoulders. I so S a pretty face that everyone would love. Nick was 7 He was very tall for his age and his hair light blond, his parents peak times. Once, dark preteen gallery
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